Meet Loba!


Seeing as I am the pooltoy wolf, I need to post some pooltoy content from time to time, right? Well, an inflatable I’d waited a very long time for finally arrived several months back, and I never shared! This is Dusty Shep, as the inflatable is officially known, though I took a name suggestion from @CaptAmehrican and decided to name my shepherd Loba, which I thought a fitting name for a girl shep. She is about seven feet long and due to her shape makes an awesome super comfy seat!

Loba poses with some oddly appropriate graffiti and Amtrak train 91, the southbound Silver Star.

She’s also very stable on water! Here’s a photo of Loba, me, and my boyfriend (on her back) during a recent trip to the beach.

Super comfy on water, too!

Perhaps I should go back to regular inflatable posting, I kinda miss it.