Looking to try something new in the kitchen?

Cerridwyn shared a link said

I want to give a shout out to Raw Spice Bar - https://rawspicebar.com/ -
I bought a gift subscription to my daughter and s-i-l and they really have liked it.

Some of what they have gotten is berbere which was described as “flavorful and spicy without being overwhelming”. They also got the Thai Spicy Peanut and said it “was burn with a hint of lime and peanut.” My S-i-L says try it first in one of the ways they suggest so that you get an idea of the spice palate

They also got a tea spice rub, a simple salt + Chilean pepper combo which was quite flavorful without much burn.

They have more packets to try and said it expanded their cooking repertoire without a lot of preparation and with the spices ready to go.