Life as December Goat: Day 4


One of the highlights of living in the country is when a neighbor contacts you to say that they think one of your cows is out. This is especially troublesome when the husband is at work and you have to first determine if the cow is out, then how to get the cow back in if it is indeed out, and finally you have to play detective to know how the cow got out. Thankfully, today’s episode did not turn out to have a cow actually out and it must have just been in a weird place across the creek to make the neighbor think he had escaped. I went over with a bucket of feed and all three were where they were supposed to be.
I then had to walk the fence anyway just to be certain there wasn’t a down place. I first tried to walk the fence inside the pasture as Hubbie assured me the cows would be too busy eating if I fed them feed and kicked up their hay for them. The three male cows had other thoughts on the matter and took turns trying to charge toward me. I always carry a bo staff with me when I do have to go in the field so I was able to keep them at bay until I could exit the field. I then had to walk the fence from outside the pasture which takes three times as long because I have to enter two other neighbors’ fields to reach our fence line.
I found no place where it looked like a cow had escaped so I hope that it was just an optical illusion and they stay put.

Do any of you have livestock to keep you on your toes?