syllable went on a bit of a rant said

I can hear it now…" I thought you said this thing did 255 pages per minute!?" People will growl and complain and moan about how slowly the machine works, holding them back from their dreams and full potential in life, even though it clearly states 255 mm per minute. And those same people likely did not pay attention in math or science class. They have no idea that there are 2.54 cm in an inch, and thus remain unable to calculate that the machine goes about a ten inches a minute. And they tap their toes with vehemence. Drumming fingers move noisily across the surface of a touch screen in the office. “Don’t try to tell me this is for home. I neeeeed a laminator at work. Cheap boss wouldn’t buy me one. Well, I’ll show him.” More waiting, 255mm is dangerously slow. Ancillary effects lurk in the not too distant future. More frenetic drumming on a panel. Oh no! A button inadvertently gets pushed in the nuclear facility’s control room. Melt down. All because of the impulse toward mediocrity.