June 9th - Goatertainment - Pudding!


My goat-goal for my goat-dom this month is to post something vaguely useful or amusing every day. Some days I might fail.

Today I have a recipe for you!


  • A love of tapioca pudding (what are you, some kind of monster that doesn’t love tapioca?!)
  • A “fuzzy logic” rice cooker. (Recipe says it must be a 6-cup cooker, but it works fine in my 3-cup cooker.)

3 tbl raw tapioca (not instant! Use real stuff, like Bob’s Red Mill)
2 cups milk (any kind…whole milk will taste richer!)
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
Pinch salt

Mix milk, sugar, egg and salt well (use a whisk to make sure egg is well blended), then add in rice cooker bowl with tapioca, stir well again. Put your cooker on the “porridge” setting.

When it dings, put in a tsp of vanilla. Enjoy warm or cold! It’s as easy as pie, and you will gain 400 pounds by Labor Day.

Note: the tapioca tends to clump up a bit with this method. I haven’t yet found a nice way to separate these blobs…maybe I should open the rice cooker and stir a bit midway through? Maybe use a potato masher after cooking is done? This calls for SCIENCE.