It's August and books are being read. Probably. We'll find out, I guess.


I’m reading David Cassidy’s C’mon Get Happy… Fear and Loathing on the Partridge Family Bus because it’s included with Prime Reading, and it’s… not good. He does not seem to have been a particularly interesting or intelligent man. And when you rocket to superstardom at 21, there’s not a lot of outside encouragement to grow as a person. I’ll finish it, I may feel differently by the end (I doubt it). If you have Prime, here’s the link if you want to be mildly disappointed in him:

In other news, amazon is doing a “spend $30 on ebooks, get $8 back in ebook credit” deal Aug. 5-12 according to the banner on the kindle books page, so I’m going to load up on Gladys Mitchell mysteries, that Syd Barrett biography that’s currently $2.99, and Lloyd Bucher’s autobiography (I’m super-psyched).

I should be reading and/or discarding my actual, physical books in preparation for moving (eventually), but at least I’m not adding to them?