It's Another ACraigL Shirt Giveaway! [Unofficial]


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The year is almost done, and I’m always grateful for the support I’ve gotten from this community, so why not?

The guidelines:

  • We’ll make this a quick one… 3 winners will be chosen New Year’s Day
  • Any design from the Woot catalog is fair game, but something from my catalog is always appreciated
  • To enter, comment here! Replies to comments are nice (welcomed, even) but for this contest, only top-level comments will count
  • I have three derby entries this week. One of which has been in my idea pile for about 5 years. I never had the confidence to take on “Taco Toolbelt” in all that time but this week I gave it a shot. I’m really happy with the result, so if you could throw it a vote I’d really appreciate it (the others too, if you are so inclined).

enter image description here

  • I’ll post the winners in this thread so be on the lookout. I’ll need some information from you if you’re selected, but we’ll cross that stitch when we get to it.
  • Topic prompt? How about best Christmas present this year and any resolutions you have planned for 2023.

Good luck and thanks again for the continued support! Meh!