It could have happened to me...

RedOak posted a pic said

So several weeks ago an Artist (a successful Sculptor) friend’s spouse posted on Facebook the tragedy of realizing three valuable metal sculptures had been stolen from their backyard.

One of the pieces was on loan from another artist friend and one was scheduled to go on exhibit out of state in the near future.

These are heavy, people or bigger-sized sculptures in metal, one of them cast.

The couple has lots of Facebook friends and of course everyone chimed in the disgust of the theft. They filed a police report. And the story was picked up in the local paper, with photos and interviews of the spouse and police.

The Artist was out of the country in Italy on a collaborative art project for several weeks but chiming in on Facebook as he shared the cool stuff they were doing over there with stone and cad/cam.

He came back to the US this past week and drove up to their summer home where he also keeps a studio.

New Facebook post…

I drove up to the studio and saw the three missing pieces! I had forgotten that before my trip to Itally, I took them there!