IRK world championship

OnionSoup thought this was worth mentioning said

So here’s an idea. For Meh’s birthday, they set up a “world championship” of irk getting.

Pick the 16 people who have won the most IRKs in the previous year. (If a tie, pick at random)

Give them a secret link and a time to log in when a pseudo-irk is for sale. They all log in. Irk posts the time in milliseconds of the first 8 of those 16 on the meh forums so we can all cheer for our favourites and place bets on who we think the whole thing.

Those 8 go into the quarter finals. Meh asks them a few interview questions like “who is better? Glenn or Irk?”.

Top 4 go into semis.

Top two to the finals.

Winner wins… Well a handpicked IRK guaranteed to be extra ludicrous and regrettable, holding no items of especial monetary value.