iOS thoughts and q's

f00l went on a bit of a rant said

This topic is about anything iOS related. Bring the remarks and questions!

However, I posted the topic today because Apple just released an iOS update today.

This update is said to block (or attempt to block) phone intrusion attempts based on the silent & invisible install Pegasus spyware.

Journalists, dissidents, and investigators of big $ operations (operations as drug cartels and corrupt businesses) have been particular targets of this spyware intrusion.

This spyware has been found on the phones of many dissidents and journalists, and is believed to have been on the phone of murdered Washington Post journalist and Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi, and has been found on the phones of Khashoggi’s friends and co-workers.

And Pegasus spyware was also found on the phones of friends of Princess Haya of Dubai, and was likely on Haya’s own phone.

(Princess Haya was tightly controlled by her father, the ruler of Dubai; and when she made an escape attempt [she wanted to attend medical school and be a physician], his security people kidnapped her.
She’s been imprisoned ever since.)

(She used burner phones during her escape attempt, but apparently made the error of communicating with a friend in Europe, whose phone was infected. This is believed to have allowed the Dubai security agents to track her location by remotely installing spyware on the burner phone number
And also to infect other burner phones of the escape crew with her, if they could get those phone numbers from her burner phone contact list or call log.)

The spyware is said to be undetectable, unless someone has a forensic mobile device investigation lab type setup.

So, unless someone has a great reason for not installing this update, maybe …
Get it done?

(Note: the Israeli company NSO [purveyor of the Pegasus spyware] won’t stop trying to break into phones, and may have other methods ready to go)