Inflatable of the Day 4/3


For April 3rd, the inflatable of the day is the Anthro Angel Dragon, made by a german company called Inflatable World! This company markets designs specifically to us collectors, and many of their toys are user-submitted projects. The anthro angel dragon is an upright, bipedal design (that’s what anthro means) and was first produced in 2015. Inflatable World uses a thinner, very soft and stretchy vinyl for their toys, and because the seams are not reinforced, the toys are more affordable. The Angel Dragon is available on their website now for about $100 USD. Since she is a standing toy, she can be dressed up with clothing and props. I named mine Cassie. She has two air chambers; the second one is her long tail, which when inflated, acts as a support, allowing her to stand freely. Personally I think she’s a bit of a head-turner! Her designer did really well.

Incidentally, if you’d like to buy a Cassie of your own, here is the link to Inflatable World’s website! (Be warned; shipping from Germany can be quite expensive, but they do combine shipping!)

Inflatable World Angel Dragon

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