Impeachment of Irk ( what happens)


Ok I know this is a fraught subject. I however am having some questions about the process. Perhaps some Meh folks understand it better and can help me understand.
Theoretically let’s put the parties as yellow and green and President Irk.
What is the process? What do I have wrong?

  1. President Irk does something against the law like keeping batteries not in fridge
  2. The house finds out some of this and launches an impeachment investigation
  3. They investigate and then if find it sever enough draft articles of impeachment
    3a anything else before Senate??
  4. Then it goes before the Senate and the senators act like a giant jury and the head of the supreme court is somehow involved??? What is effect if not guilty?
  5. So let’s assume Irk gets found guilty. What happens next?
    Does he get removed? Does vice president Glenn get to be president? What if VP semi guilty too?
  6. If Irk is impeached and he is the yellow party candidate after the primary what happens can the yellow party put a different candidate up or what happens?
  7. Does president Irk go to jail?