I present presents


Thanks again to each of you who participated in the celebration of Meh taking the training wheels off and becoming a big kid at age 7.

While we were busy giving out gifts of IRKs and party hosting, some of you were busy putting together something special for us as well.

I know more will come in but since we got the box already and ripped it open today, here’s a look at a very special birthday treat from none other than @sammydog01

@ChadP got a name drop right on the box, but it was @cardiganb doing the opening so there’s already a bit of shared celebration going on.

The gift included a card, like you do, so that’ll go on the wall for sure.
Card Outside
Card Inside

And I know it’s killing you (“What’s in the box?!?”) so without further delay, our new swag!
TP Holder
Possibly the coolest TP holder of all time.

Also included…Cookies!

More Cookies

Nailed it!
Another Cookie

Thanks again, @sammydog01 for sharing the love and giving us an extra sweet birthday present.

More to come so keep an eye here.