I never thought I'd see the day...


About 12 days ago my wife had a friend over to visit while I was at work. When I got home about 2345 Michelle decided to head home and my wife walked her out to the driveway. While they were saying their goodbyes next to her car I started hearing what I thought was a bird making a bunch of racket outside. As it turned out, it was a little kitten enter image description herethat came walking down the side of the road towards my wife and her friend (we live out in the country with lots of space between houses). The kitten was not at all skittish, and went right up to them, crying the whole time. I came out and picked her* up and she settled down and started to purr.
We set out some milk and opened a can of tuna for her since we didn’t have anything else, and she took a couple of sips and ate some of the tuna, but kept crying. I petted her for a bit, then put her down on the front porch. We decided to just leave her there overnight and see if she hung around or maybe went back to one of the neighbor’s houses… if she belonged there. She looked to be about 5-6 weeks old and seemed pretty healthy and well fed.
Next morning she was still on the porch, crying her fool head off so I went up to WM and picked up a couple of tins of wet cat food. She dove right into it when we put some out, eating and crying alternately until she ate a couple of tablespoons and calmed down. She was more than happy to be picked up and cuddled, purring contentedly the whole time. enter image description here
She (?) has settled in nicely, and my wife, who heretofore was allergic to cats seems to be able to tolerate being around her (outside on the front porch) without any issues. SWMBO has become surprisingly attached to the little hairball. She is a bundle of energy (the cat, not SWMBO) and we have got her on kitten chow now and she continues to be an ‘outside’ cat. She’s super affectionate, and we spend mornings playing with her on the front porch while we have our coffee (after I come back from checking on Mom next door). I also generally spend some time with her before hitting the door after work. Plus she is super attentive to whatever is happening that involves us when we are outside, like when my wife was weeding the front gardens earlier she was all in the beds pouncing on her hands, feet etc.
She is fond of crawling up my shirt and perching on my shoulder, nuzzling my ear and/or nibbling on my earlobe or nipping my nose. enter image description hereShe also will lick the inside of my elbow and knead my forearm with her paws some times.
(side note: My daughter has a cat named ‘Biscuit’ due to this type of activity… it looks like she is making biscuits when she does that)
We searched for a name for ‘kitty’ for several days and briefly considered Potter when I found her curled up in a Christmas Cactus plant one morning. enter image description hereBut I think we have finally settled on Bandit… because she stole my wife’s heart!! Interestingly enough, SWMBO is proposing the acquisition of a second kitten to keep Bandit company. We will see.
So that’s the tale of how I became a pet owner once more.

  • the pronoun she is used throughout this text since she is a cat… and in my head, all cats are female (and dogs are male). Don’t ask me why… I have never been any good at sexing cats when they are young and I plan on taking her to the vet in the next few days, and I will have her/him sexed at that time.