I missed you suckers.

Pavlov thought this was worth mentioning said

Hello fellow suckers! I'm doing well and they've moved me to a rehab hospital back home - and as I am able I'll be checking in from time to time (between naps, meals and physical therapy [and flirting with the second shift nurse - OMG the rack on her - I don't know how she stands upright without a back brace - but I like it when she leans / reaches over the bed - and yes, I keep dropping things on purpose!!!!]).

Thanks everyone for all the good wishes and for filling my inbox to overflowing with "@ mentions" (I actually had so many I had my wife turn them off for a while). Thanks to those who know me IRL that sent cards and thanks to Meh for the wonderful get well card also. That meant a lot to me too, and it was a wonderful surprise.

Okay, well - this is one of the few things I'm not good at - so I'll leave it here - I just want all of you to know how much your kind words and encouragements and the threads (which I am still catching up on) have meant to me.

Thank you.