How do your pets deal with deliveries?

brainmist went on a bit of a rant said

So my horrible, horrible puppy has a BarkBox subscription, and I think it’s convinced her that ALL THINGS IN BOXES BELONG IN HER MOUTH.

This is problematic.

Solar lights in boxes? IN HER MOUTH

IRK odds and ends I haven’t decided what to do with? IN HER MOUTH

The box itself? IN HER MOUTH

Meh puppy chew toys? IN HER MOUTH (ok, that one makes sense)

TBF, many things that are not in boxes have also been destroyed by this voracious half-piranha/ half 3 weasels in a fur coat. Like a lot of my clothes (sometimes while I’m in them). Random electronics. The other dog’s collars (we’re on #4 in a year). And the recycling. Most recently, my air conditioner cord.

But when boxes get delivered, she gets extra excited, and her lil chainsaw mouth starts revving for destruction.

So how about your babies?

(edit: just ordered a Sidedeal stainless steel hose.

Because the little monster chewed all my other garden hoses, even the very nice, 50’ reinforced one, into teeny tiny pieces.

We’ll see how long this lasts.)