Home brewers: you ever overprime your bottles? What did you do?


I was bottling cider while drinking heavily and I looked at the piece of paper I did my math on for priming sugar. I meant to shoot for 2.8 volumes of CO2, looks like I actually did 3.8. This was three days ago, no explosions yet. Most of em are in la chouffe bottles (pretty stout and thick bottles), but a few are in harp bottles (not the lightest in the world, but certainly thinner than the la chouffe).

For now I have em in a cardboard box with the top duct taped shut in a room where it’s not the end of the world if some liquid gets on the floor.

Is there something else I should do? Should I try to vent them? Am I worrying over nothing? Is my neighborhood about to be covered in glass shrapnel?

/image la chouffe bottles
/image harp premium irish lager bottles