Hey, mehniacs, I need your help


You may have noticed that from time to time, I post a link to explore.com. (Yesterday it was about the Fraser Point Eagles.) Well, today, I was visiting at one of Mom’s former nursing homes and discovered that my puzzle buddy (she’s a wizard when it comes to putting jigsaw puzzles together) has a tablet in her room.

Remember, I’m not very tech oriented, but I did manage to find the Chrome browser and then I set her up where she could watch explore.org. She was fascinated (as am I) with the various sites. In fact, she sent me home early (Go. Goodbye.) so that she could look at them. I’m thinking this has opened a whole new world, away from the nursing home, for her.

So… What if I purchased a couple of tablets for the nursing home, so that the residents can view things like this?

I’ve seen Woot sell their used Fire tablets, from time to time. I know nothing about Fire tablets. Would these work to view sites like this? Or maybe you have some other suggestions?

Please don’t break my bank, but I’m really interested in doing something like this.