HBO: Chernobyl

RiotDemon went on a bit of a rant said

Has anybody started watching this yet?

Watched the first episode last night. New one out tonight. Might watch later. Loved the first episode.

Spoiler alert:
The reactor blows up.

Not a spoiler:

Fun fact. My family was walking around in the rain while nuclear fallout was making it’s way across Norway. We didn’t know it happened yet. My American Grandma called and asked my mom about it. It was still kept under wraps.

Been reading more about the actual events of Chernobyl. At a nuclear plant in Sweden after the catastrophe, they were trying to figure out where the radiation was coming from. Eventually they realized it wasn’t from their own plant. They were reading radiation from Chernobyl.

Livestock in Norway still is affected by the radiation 33 years later. A lot of people we know have died from some kind of cancer. Is it a side effect? How can we really know.

Scary stuff. How many miles are you away from a nuclear power plant? I’m roughly 12 miles from one. Just outside the main evacuation zone. At work you can hear them testing the siren in case of an accident.