Happy Summer, y'all!

GrandmaLyn thought this was worth mentioning said

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I’ve had loved ones in and out of the hospital this summer and I’m struggling to keep a smile on my face. We all need a reminder of the little things that bring us joy. In the spirit of Rogers and Hammerstein these are a few of my favorite things:

  1. Walking my wolfie girl
  2. Finding a package with my online order on the doorstep
  3. Swimming in the evening and seeing the sky instead of a ceiling when I turn my head for a breath
  4. Clearing out a closet and finding some unopened body lotion, right when I need it
  5. That time of dusk when the sky gets peachy-pink and the clouds seem to glow
  6. Days when the temperature gets low enough that I can take a walk and not break out into a sweat
  7. When Meh.com posts a deal I’m actually interested in

What puts a smile on your face?