Happy Dogust 1st!


Having had no idea how one is notified of becoming the new goat, I didn’t check my email. But I couldn’t miss that huge goat silhouette on my profile just now. Sorry for the late start (I blame @OnionSoup). For the rest of this month, I will try to treat this (dis)honor with all the respect it deserves. Ahem.

Since as @narfcake pointed out there are no major (US) holidays in August, I will bless mehtizens with a special holiday each day. Most will be obscure but real holidays, while some may just be weird crap I think up.

So to get us off to a tail-wagging start, welcome to Dogust 1st, The Universal Shelter Dog Birthday. Suggested ways to celebrate are:

–Visit an animal shelter and spread the birthday love. Since the day is nearly over and shelters may be closed on Sunday, feel free to celebrate trough Monday. I am sure the pups will not mind.
–Bake yourself a cupcake and wag your butt enthusiastically before snarfing it down whole.
–Hug your dog and remind him/her what a lucky pup he/she is to have you.
–Make a donation to the animal welfare charity of your choice.
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