Halloween Help


So, ever since I found the fidget spinners cheap on Meh, I’ve decided to move away from giving out candy to giving out something fun. Last year, I had a bunch of Sea World leftovers, and my wife suggested I work them into a theme/costumeenter image description here. Last year went so well, that this year I decided to step it up. Admittedly I may be going a tad overboard, but I need some help on the item to giveaway. In short, the theme this year is a Carnival game called enter image description hereLEGO Mania. It’s a game I am building that lets the kids press a button and stop a series of flashing lights to win a prize. I’m 3D printing mega LEGGO guys (no misspelling, don’t want any copyright infringement issues) as the “Choice” prize. I’ve got a couple different sizes and styles for Large as well. The “everyone is a winner” prize I am hoping to give away LEGO minifigs. The challenge is finding them for less than $1 each. I try to do about $.25 per kid and am thinking I will need 100-200 minifigs. Anyone in the MEH community know where I might find a bulk of clean, like new minifigs? Don’t need to be special, just something I can give the kids. Attaching some pics of last year and the current build. The lights come today, but I’ve never built addressable LEDs with an Arduino before, so might take me a few passes to get it right. If I can get enough help here, I’ll include a “brought to you by the Meh community” or your handle. Thanks for the help and as usual, if you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks!

early build