HA! Physics works (to get out of going through a red light ticket).

Kidsandliz went on a bit of a rant said

Meant to post this the other day. Got a ticket for allegedly going through a red light. Nope nope nope. Light was yellow and it is legal to keep going if your tires are already over the line when it turns. Cop was on the cross street 3 lanes over from the curb lane and back 4 cars from the front of the line, couldn’t see around the the corner (due to other cars and landscaping and a wall) to even see the white line, let alone to know when my light changed. He showed me the video, told me there was a 3 second delay where both were red… We both agreed I wasn’t speeding.

Thank you google maps. Got distance from that. Got time from his claims for delay and where he said I was when his light turned green (video). Thanks physics for speed X time = distance. HA!

I’d have had to be speeding to be where he said I was when his light turned green if I had crossed the line when it was red (not to mention the corner is banked the wrong way for drainage and so going much over 10mph will land you into a cement retaining wall). Gave them the google map with distances in feet (was going to tape measure it but too much traffic even in the middle of the night), the formula, an explanation and showed all the math. All written down. In detail.

The cop, prosecutor and judge looked at me in disbelief like I had tired to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Then they vanished (I presume to google the formula) for about 5 minutes, came back and then agreed that I didn’t go through a red light. They also wanted my sheet with my proof. For what I don’t know, perhaps to tell stories about a nerd who got out of a ticket. Anyway, physics works. Ha!