Groundhog Day is for small household appliances!

mossygreen thought this was worth mentioning said

My mother and I have a tradition which we started… I don’t know, sometime in the '90’s. We try to buy (or use for the first time) a small household appliance for Groundhog Day. It was probably in response to every holiday being marketed as an opportunity to purchase a new mattress coupled with a fortuitous small household appliance purchase, maybe a bread machine. Or a yogurt maker? Anyway, I hardly ever actually observe this holiday tradition, but I scored a cheap, brand-new egg bite maker at Savers earlier this month and I’ve been saving it. So I’m pretty psyched! I don’t know why I’m sharing this. Maybe for egg bite maker recipes. Anyway, consider buying or using a small household appliance for Groundhog Day and sharing my made-up holiday observance!