Greatest of All Times, Day 0

Cerridwyn went on a bit of a rant said

Thank you all for the vote of confidence and the disclaimer that I am in no way actually the G.O.A.T.

Oddly, in a game I played years ago, the first guild I was in was called G.O.A.T with the periods. I had to actually ask what it meant, LOL. Long time ago

So in honor of all the Goats/GOATS/goats of the past I will attempt to bring you some form of caprine entertainment.

After much thought it will be related to my eclectic music tastes. I will post at least one song that I either own, digitally or in physical media, or that is on my Spotify playlist. I will attempt to not post the same artist/group twice (as the main song of the day), but no promises. If I am not sure I will be around because of moving duties, one or more days might get one or more future postings, labeled for the future day.

Feel free to comment, post about the song, or the artist, or ignore the threads all together, no worries, I won’t be offended and in regular goat manner will ignore you anyone and go eat something that I shouldn’t.