GoPro Hero 4 Silver for $269


GoPro is offering, via their eBay outlet, the Hero 4 Silver for $269 (plus $12 shipping). This is the one with the integrated LCD touch-screen display. A cursory perusal of the specs leads me to believe this is very similar to my H3+ Black, but with the addition of the LCD display. It's also fairly hefty, weighing in at about 88g versus the H3 series and H4 Black at 74g.

Don't know if I'd call this a blistering bargain, but it's a reasonable price. Be aware of the larger size and weight due to the integrated display. This may require re-balancing your gimbal.

Key Features:
Built-­‐in touch display for easy camera control, shot-­‐framing and playback
Professional 1080p60 and 720p120 video
12MP photos at up to 30 frames per second
Built-­‐in Wi-­‐Fi and Bluetooth support the GoPro App, Smart Remote1 and more
HiLight Tag lets you mark key moments during recording or playback for easy editing and sharing
QuikCapture enables you to power on and record automatically with the press of a single button
Protune delivers cinema-­‐quality capture and advanced manual control for photos and video
Night Photo and Night Lapse offer customizable exposure settings for nighttime shooting
SuperView captures the world’s most immersive wide-­‐angle field of view
Auto Low Light intelligently adjusts frame rates for optimal low-­‐light performance
Time Lapse Video mode captures Time Lapse videos automatically with no post-­‐production needed
Auto Image Rotation adjusts capture orientation to right-­‐side up when the camera is mounted upside down
Improved camera control
New audio system captures clean, high-­‐fidelity sound and nearly 2x the dynamic range

Key Camera Specs:
Built-­‐In Touch Display
Video: 4K15 / 2.7K30 / 1440p48 / 1080p60 / 960p100 / 720p120 fps
Photo: 12MP / 30 fps Burst
Built-­‐In Wi-­‐Fi + Bluetooth
HiLight Tag
Protune—Now for Photo + Video
Auto Low Light
Time Lapse Video
Auto Image Rotation
Night Photo + Night Lapse
Built-­‐In Microphone
Waterproof to 131’ (40m)

What’s Included:
HERO4 Silver Camera with Built-­‐In Touch Display
Standard Housing 131’(40m)
Skeleton + Touch Backdoors
Rechargeable Battery
Curved Adhesive Mount
Flat Adhesive Mount
Quick Release Buckles
3-­‐Way Pivot Arm
USB Cable

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty