Goat Toy Day 12


Here’s something simple, silly, and moderately entertaining. It’s your basic top, with a snake.

The trick is the tip of the top is magnetic, so when it touches the side of the snake, the snake starts moving.

There are a lot of variants: different top materials and types; some with one snake, some with two, some with a snake and something else. In my opinion, the straighter snakes give a better effect than the curvier snakes. The curvy snakes move side to side more, but seem to move a lot slower.

The Grand Illusions design looks interesting, but I haven’t found a US source for it.

Of course tops in general can be a bottomless hole.

Dense tungsten for mass, for a long spin.


Gem tips for low friction, for a long spin.


Tungsten tips, guess why?


And that’s not even going into magnetic, electronic, and levitating tops!