Goat Day 25 - Vacuum sealer


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Meh. I don’t know if it’s because the one I got was less refurbished and more “looks like everything’s there; ship it,” or if I’m just not ready for this sharp advancement in kitchen appliance technology, but this FoodSaver thing is just not worth the effort. Obviously, this is a character flaw in me as vacuum sealing food at home is the future, like home canning of food items was the future back before canned food was common, but not using this device lowers the overall amount of electricity I draw during the course of my life, and this passively contributes to energy reserves for future generations.
I do still use it occasionally to make individual battery packs for future use. I’ll make little packets of AAAs for a clock and assorted remote controls, and I also make speciality packets of three D cells and two C cells for a modified boombox. This way, when something needs batteries, I just have to grab a packet from the freezer, and I’m good to go.
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