G.O.A.T. Man


Farewell goatdom, with my last post as goat; I will do the Greatest Of All Time : Man.

And who is the G.O.A.T. Man? Well none-other than Goatman.


Thomas Thwaites decided he wanted to know what it was like to be a goat, so he built himself a goatsuit, lived with a pack of goats for a week eating grass, and then once he got the hang of being a goat crossed the alps in his goat suit.

Goatman with Goats

In order to be able to consume grass (since humans lack the necessary enzymes) he boiled the grass with some enzymes to make a grass-soup. His goatsuit was done through extensive research and trial and error, most of his early suits were impossible to operate. Even his last one was extremely hard work to operate and harrowing to use going headfirst down a mountain.

For his work and dedication to science he won an ignobel prize a few years back

All hail goat man. The man so great, he became a goat.

Goatman falls