Fruit Tree of Yesterday: Suriname Cherry


enter image description here
At the request of @chienfou, here’s a post on these… imposters. Everything you like about a temperate cherry, these guys do worse. Beautiful blooms of flowers? Nope. Great flavor that’s a perfect mix of sweet and tart? Nope. They taste kind of meh, kind of sweet but with the taste of a hot pepper mixed in (but without the burning sensation of a hot pepper). Not my favorite fruit, and definitely not worthy to be called a cherry, but it’s not durian, either.

They grow and fruit very well in Florida (zone 9b+) without any help–so well that they’re considered an invasive species in South Florida. If you want fruit but don’t want to tend a plant, this makes a good choice (though I’d still recommend a mango or carambola tree above this one).