Free socks!


Meh is sending VMP members socks. Apparently, they must have seen the pair I was wearing the other day with holes in them.

Yay for free socks! Well, they're not TECHNICALLY free, but close enough!

"Mediocre Labs here, rappin' atcha to let you know that, as a member of the Very Mediocre Person program, you'll soon be receiving something free from us. At first we were thinking MOTORCYCLES FOR ALL!!, but we didn't want to bum you out with a whole big registration/insurance trip. So we had some Mediocre socks made.

First, you'll get an email about how your "order" for socks is on its way. Don't freak. Put your money away. They're free. Then, 1-2 weeks later, you'll get some real socks, customized/ruined with some allegedly humorous Mediocre branding. Everybody wears socks, right?

As always, you're free to cancel your VMP membership at any time, pay more to ship your Meh orders, and leave any potential future free doodads for the rest of us. It would be insane, but you're free to do it.

Mediocre Labs"