Free Shirt(s) Giveaway Time! [unofficial]


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Heyo! I’ve had a little bit of a lucky streak over at that other shirt site and figured it was time to do the thing.

I’ll send a shirt of your choice to three randomly selected individuals that post (anything) in this thread. If you’re not sure what to post here’s a two-part prompt:

  • Who is your favorite mehtizen, and why is it me?

Here’s some stuff to know:

  • I was just kidding about the prompt. Post something else. (please!)
  • Contest will run through Monday, July 11th. Winners will be announced on Tuesday the 12th.
  • Any design in the shirt.woot library is fair game, but it’s always appreciated if you select something from my catalog.
  • Replies to comments are encouraged, but only top-level comments will be considered as an entry (so post a new comment if you want a chance at winning).
  • I’ll need your address to send you the tee, but don’t worry. When I swing by your home unexpectedly, I will usually have snacks.
  • I was kidding about the snacks.
  • Good luck and thanks for all the continued support I get here!