Forum Driving Game 3


From @ExtraMedium
Let me start by telling how the game was played in my car, then we can play with modified rules for some forum fun.

Play starts with the driver naming a band, artist, song title, or album title. Example: Kurt Cobain.

Player two (going clockwise around the car) names a band, artist, song title, or album title using the first letter of the second word. Example: Call me Maybe.

The next player (even if there are only two) follows along having to start theirs with “M”. I think you get it at this point.

Variations, double letter reverses direction (Example: Chris Cornell) and single word responses go with the last letter of the word (Example: Nirvana continues with “A”). You can also do this with actors, TV shows, and movies if you’re not that into music.

For a harder game limit it to band/artist with no songs or albums allowed.

Next road trip you take with fun people, give this a shot and let me know how it goes.

Now for our forum game which is a greatly altered but possibly much harder variation on the driving game!

I’ll post a music video and you have to follow up with a song, band, or musician tied to it. Example: I post Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal.
You could then post Micahel Bolton, Jackson Browne, Outcast - Ms. Jackson, Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal, Fun Lovin Criminals…

Create a new comment for your submission and leave replies just for talking about the comment’s connection or validity.

You get it.

This could go on for a very long time or maybe you won’t want to play and they’ll all be making fun of me in the office tomorrow. I’m ok with either, honestly.

Here’s your starter! Enjoy the music and I hope you play along.
Last entry in the previous topic is the starter for this one: