FeiYu Tech MiNi 3D Camera Gimbal


My ninja gimbal arrived this afternoon. That is to say, my super-stealthy looking FeiYu Tech MiNi 3D gimbal.

FT MiNi 3D Camera Gimbal

Purchased from Digital Tech Zone on Aliexpress. Purchased on July 6, received on July 20. Two weeks processing and delivery. Not bad. Nearly everything I've purchased from Aliexpress sellers has been delivered in a timely manner. I checked with the seller before purchasing to confirm I'd be receiving the latest version of this gimbal. Early production models had some structural deficiencies which resulted in stability issues in some installations. The version I received was, in fact, the latest structural design, as well as some changes to the controller hardware and a firmware bump.

Total cost (after discounts and coupon code) was $141.62. That's a pile of dosh, but for a 3D gimbal, I feel like it's very reasonable.

My initial impression after taking it out of the box? It seems like a very well made piece of kit. Lots of thought went into the design and aesthetics. In addition to feeling solid and sturdy, the fit and finish is top shelf. And let's face it... it just LOOKS cool! LOL!

Included in the box was:

  • Gimbal
  • Anti-jello mount with 6 ball points
  • Tarot style rail mount
  • USB cable and adapters for firmware upgrades and configuration
  • Connection cables for power, axis control, VTX and GoPro FPV
  • Instruction manual and warranty card

There were three features which sold me on this purchase:

  1. 255 degree yaw axis rotation
  2. GoPro pass-thru connection in the camera mount
  3. 3 mode functions that can be controlled remotely

The 255 degree yaw axis rotation is pretty self-explanatory. You can manually rotate the gimbal on it's yaw axis from -120* through +130*. Depending on the mode function, it will continue full motion compensation, even when looking backwards at your flight path.

The GoPro pass-thru connection is a unique feature I haven't seen on any other gimbal. There's a short patch cable (included in the box) to connect your GoPro to the camera mount. This pass-thru port passes along your GoPro's video and audio through the gimbal to the main connection points at the top of the gimbal mount. This makes for a clean and easy connection to your VTX gear. As an added bonus... it also incorporates a power/charge function through the same port. I can use my GoPro without a battery.

The 3 mode functions are a bit more difficult to comprehend when you read about them. They are:

  • Heading Follow Mode - Camera Pitch and Roll angles remain constant, heading follows the nose position,pitch can be control by RC
  • Heading And Pitch Follow Mode - Camera Roll angle remains constant. Heading follow the nose position and Pitch follow the elevation of the aircraft.
  • Heading Lock Mode - Heading, Pitch and Roll are all locked to point at one position. Heading and pitch can be control by RC .

First things first... I have to install this onto one of my drones. It's intended home is the Walkera Tali H500 hexacopter. But for now I think I'll put it on either the Quanum Nova, or the Cheerson CX-20 for ease of installation. They both have power and AUX outlets on the bottom of the fuselage for easy gimbal connection.

Once I get a chance to check it out I'll post some pics and a video of it in action.

So far... not plugged in yet... but I'm pretty impressed with the thing.

FT Gimbal