Fantasy MuskBall: Week 3 Update


Salutations, MuskHeads!

We’re already knee-deep in the 2019 MuskBall season and the competition is as hot as a dog in a Tesla. I’ve created a spreadsheet with all the data your SabreMusktrics hearts could desire. Check it out, and tell me how you would have done it better.

So far we’ve got 525 users playing, 80 of whom are tied for first place. That is, 80 of y’all correctly predicted Elon’s behavior and fate in the first 2 weeks.

The predictions are in for Week 3 and …

Yes, Elon did indeed stoop to PewDiePie levels and participated in a Meme Review, confirmed by the video itself going live today (Elon shows up around 13:30).

I’m waiting on our trusty developers to deliver the usernames of the few who guessed correctly and earned a whopping 88 points. I’ll update the spreadsheet when I get 'em.

Until next week, MuskHeads.