Dumb Question on Hue Light Set

moondrake thought this was worth mentioning said

I went to Amazon and read some of the reviews but didn’t see an answer to my question. If you are using the android app, does your android device have to be currently on the same wireless network as the bridge? In other words, can it be used remotely from the mall or the Caribbean, or only within the radius of my home wifi? If I were to get an Echo also, would the android app still work or is it a one or the other thing? Most uses I can think of for this involve bring outside the home, I don’t need a remote for lights that are in the room with me. The only voice activated device I ever had a use for was back before I got an android phone I had a clock that would tell me the time, date and temperature when asked. Nice for pre-dawn wakeups to decide whether it was worth fihhting my way back to sleep.