Doing The Write Thing


Oh hello there – I didn’t see you come in. I’m skemmehs AKA skemmis AKA Sam AKA lichmesux420; I was a writer and Forumz Manager at Woot for a spell and now I’m here helping with the writing. Hooray! I was (am) also a writer at The Onion, so go ahead and blame me for the fake news catastrophe.

I see some usernames I recognize, of course, and look forward to disappointing you all again in new, surprising ways, starting with writing of a markedly lower quality than that of the inimitable @JasonToon.

Here are a few thoughts I have about Meh, as I come into the fold:

  • GIFs, huh?
  • Oh nice, only one product a day
  • Oh no, people actually read the writeups

All right, I’ll get back to trying to come up with jokes about socks. Hello! And – sorry!