Do you herb garden?

unksol thought this was worth mentioning said

Yes actual herbs for cooking. What do you grow and how do you grow it?

I have an east facing bay window in the kitchen above the sink which would probably be the ideal place to put anything.

It is shaded but there is unused 120V wiring so technically I could supplement exterior light. I do usually let it get down to 60 in winter which might mess up some.

What do you think would grow/survive?

I’ve thought about starting one for years but never bothered or really tried because my cat regularly made 5 ft jumps on to me if I didn’t answer his “I want up” cry and correctly orient myself for the inbound payload fast enough. The counter was no challenge for him. He would have gotten into any indoor plant…

But he passed away and it’s been a while. None of the current residents have ever shown any interest in attempting the counter jump. So. Maybe time to try.