DJI discontinues warranty service for gray market product


Effective today, DJI will refuse warranty service for any product not purchased directly from a DJI Authorized Dealer. New or used, 1 week old or 1 year old product, doesn’t matter. No warranty coverage for any gray market product.

Dear DJI Creators,
To provide you with ever better service, DJI will now only provide warranty services for products purchased from Authorized Resellers. Products purchased from unauthorized Resellers are not subject to warranty services. This rule takes effect today. Customers who have already bought DJI products will not be affected.
Before buying a DJI product, visit the official DJI website to find an authorized DJI dealer where you can make your purchase.
When applying for a warranty service, the sales invoice of the product requiring warranty repair must be provided.
North America aftersales services contact email:
Best regards, DJI

Honestly, I didn’t think they provided warranty service for gray market product BEFORE this announcement. I’ve heard spotty reviews about them not even covering a few items purchased directly from DJI. So in the bigger picture, I guess this doesn’t really affect me, but if you’re eyeballing a gray market P4 or Inspire… caviat emptor.