Crafting your Gift Message (or not)


We heard some hilarious gift messages in Drop One and we’re hoping to inspire even more creativity here for Drop Two.

Here are a few pointers that might help those of you with writers block:

  • PastaDrops are labeled as “a friend sent you this” on the box and the packing slip is otherwise anonymous without your gift message.
  • As the amount of pasta is not known to you; asking your friend to tell you how much they got is a good base idea.
  • Descriptions of us, the concept and website as “really stupid” may help lower your apprehension
  • Puns like sending noods or plays on the style of pasta are another good basic tip.
  • Starting a CARE Package war with PastaDrops or other packages is some next level stuff we seem to have tapped into here.
  • “NOODLES, BITCHES” is not right for everyone (but ok it’s apparently perfect for some of you)
  • No gift message works just fine and does not leave an obvious omission; perhaps a WTF mystery gift is the right choice for you
  • You have “Twitter Length” 280 characters to work with, which will become apparent when you order and try to type your next novel

Proud of your Gift Message? You can share it if you want, but also feel free to preserve it for revealing along with any reaction.

Have any ideas for others?