Bought a FoodSaver? Need Fresh Containers?


So I was at Target recently and checking out a 3 pack of vacuum seal containers from FoodSaver. Target wanted $39.99 for an assorted 3-pack which was way too rich for my blood but I threw the UPC code into my list of items to keep an eye out for and tonight I decided to Google the UPC on a whim. Boy was I glad I did.

FoodSaver Fresh Containers at Blain’s Farm and Fleet
The Price? $15.99 + S&H

I wasn’t a fan at $40, but at $15.99 I am a customer four times over. I’ve never shopped with this company before, and shipping ain’t free, but for this price I’m willing to give it a try. I’ll let you all know how it works out, might be a good place to scope out for deals, but I figured I would be remiss if I failed to share it here in case anyone else wants to take a shot.