Aromatherapy is AdSpeak for "This Stinks"


Okay, I will admit up front that there are people who derive pleasure and/or relaxation from having certain smells delivered to their olfactory senses, but most of my friends seem to be just as repelled by that prospect as I am. Which is to say, if the room at the motel has been doused with “air freshener”, sleep is not going to happen there because a nasty headache is going to happen pretty damn quick.

So when I see a product that isn’t made just for the limited purpose of polluting the air with a floral/herbal/whatever stench, but uses the word “aromatherapy” as part of the pitch, I’m Outta There. This is also why the cosmetics department of a store like macy’s, which always seems to be pretty close to merged with the perfume counter, is never going to get me to stop and try anything; I’m already holding my breath in defense of my nose when I come through the door, and there is no way I’m stopping until I’m safely upwind of the gas cloud. Even the laundry detergent aisle at the supermarket is a bit of a trial, which is annoying because the stench-and-dye-free stuff is usually right there in the middle of the display of chemical warfare agents, IF they haven’t run out of it again.

Who’s with me on this?