Are we not reading this month? March 2020 book thread, just in case we ARE.

mossygreen thought this was worth mentioning said

Finally finished Fantasyland, it was kind of long and repetitive, but it turns out the guy who wrote is was one of the founders of SPY magazine, so I guess he earned it?

I’m experimenting with library loans for the kindle, got about a third into Brotopia by Emily Chang before my loan ended, and now I have to wait until a new copy is available. It’s cool that when you take it out again it brings you back to where you stopped if you didn’t finish it (learned that with Fantasyland).

Amazon wants to give me $5 off on Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow, and only on Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainow. I’m torn because the library has it, so I don’t really need it, and it’s kind of expensive, but if I don’t use the credit will they still occasionally give me $5 off?