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AR Bluetooth Speakers pair arrives with one defective. Told I must contact AR. I do so. They don’t work weekends (nice). I get snarky response from them today. When I click on page to continue my complaint - I’m back at Meh! Careful Meh! You mishandle this…you lose me and I hit my facebook page with the facts, just the facts.

Here’s AR’s response…
Q: What’s your return policy?
A: If it’s damaged, defective, or just DOA, we’ll either refund or replace it at our discretion. Just fill out our support form and tell us all about it.
We DO NOT accept returns if you just decided you didn’t want it, don’t like the color, or just feeling a little buyer’s remorse. You might try eBay - with as cheap as you probably got it, you could even end up making a little off it. Or hone your reputation for generosity by giving it to someone a little less picky.
Here’s my reply to AR…

2:12 PM (5 minutes ago)
to Voxx

That’s a rather snarky reply. I don’t appreciate the attitude from a company that just sent me a defective product.

Keep in mind that I stated the problem with one of their speakers in the original email. Amanda ignored that and just spit back their return policy.

Jan 24, 8:50 PM EST

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Brand AR Speakers
Subject One speaker has defective on/off switch - won’t turn on.
Message 2-Pack: Acoustic Research Glendale Outdoor Speakers (Refurbished)Purchased from Meh!. Arrived 1/23/2020.One defective of the two speakers. Can I return one for replacement or what???