Anyone know which brick-and-mortar store(s) sell messenger bags?

DennisG2014 thought this was worth mentioning said

Been looking for a shoulder bag to carry ukulele, music stand, sheet-music folder and lap-top.

I like the satchel/messenger bag style.
I’ve seen some nice looking and reasonably priced ones on Amazon, but this is really something I need to see in person before buying.

Yesterday I went to every store in the mall and didn’t find anything close to what I’m looking for.
I thought for sure Pac-Sun, Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters or any of those young-hipster stores would have them, but no dice.
Luggage departments of the big stores had plenty of brief-case style shoulder bags, but I want the flaps and straps style, and not a single store had them.

Might check out Target today - they have a wide variety on-line, but they’re mostly not available in-store.

But yeah, if anyone knows of a national chain or independent store in the Boston area where I might find a selection of them, I’d appreciate the advice.