Android music apps

Cerridwyn went on a bit of a rant said

Since when you go through the whole mediocre Community there’s always somebody who knows something that you need to know. I’m moving again and looking to change some things in retirement to save money like not paying for Spotify Premium anymore and going back to streaming all the music that I really own. I have a really good actually Bluetooth speaker that I got in an IRK a while back and wanted to use it and I figured I could attach it to an old tablet or an old phone and stream all the cool music that are sitting in my onedrive.

However the few Android streaming apps that I have used for streaming that kind of music are pretty crappy. Remember when Windows first came out with Groove music and how we all liked it not so much for the music that they provided but for streaming our own because you can make your own playlist you could randomize things it was pretty productive to do things with at least it was to me. So I’m kind of looking for some suggestions of some Android apps that will do more than play them in the order that they are in on the list like alphabetical order cuz one drive sorts alphabetically or up by date but something that may randomize a list or created some playlist or whatever and it has to work with my Android phone or my Android tablets. Thank you all in advance