A request

brainmist thought this was worth mentioning said

Hey Meh? As someone who grappled with and couldn’t meet the necessities to tattoo last year, and was very happy to have the opportunity this year, I’m a lot saddened to see people in similar situations not have that second chance. And so, I’d like to propose crowd-sourced tattoos, for people who are enough a part of this community to comment, but had personal issues that clearly kept them out.

I got to climb a ladder a year after I expected, and I don’t want to draw it up behind me for people who are as much engaged as I am, if we can maybe give them some help they need.

So please, can we crowdfund some tattoos, for longtime Mehtizens or those who were overwhelmed by life events?

I’d go with @riceatusc and @savvysapphire as priorities.