A question for you old married men & others who want to comment

Felton10 thought this was worth mentioning said

Being married as long as I have, one falls into habits (good or bad) that sometimes need re-evaluation. Since the Meh community contains some of the great minds and thinkers around, I figured I would put this question out there for consideration.

When one takes off their dirty clothes at the end of the day, where should they go?

  1. On the floor right where you are taking them off so your wife can pick them up and wash them.
  2. In the laundry hamper assuming you have one or can find it.
  3. Someplace where the accumulating pile of dirty clothes does not impede your access to that area.
  4. You should pick them up and wash them yourself.
  5. Other (please detail).

My wife and I have different thoughts on this matter as might be expected.