2024 and the reading of books

mossygreen went on a bit of a rant said

I just finished Mister Magic by Kiersten White and it was… extremely and unexpectedly Mormon. Not in a bad way, exactly, but more YA-friendly, I guess? Not pro-Mormon, but Mormon-infused. Early on they’re like, we’re driving to Utah, and I thought, oh, is this book about Mormons? And then at one point there was a children’s song about modesty, and I thought oh yeah, this is all about Mormons. Anyway, it’s about the former cast of a defunct children’s show of which there are no extant tapes available and something happened 30 years ago. And Mormonism. You can sort of sense all the influences when you’re reading it.

I’ve started A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay. A couple of pages in the narrator said she prefers to be called Merry and I was like, oh, is this We Have Always Lived in the Castle? Apparently there’s a dedication to Shirley Jackson that I missed because I’m reading it on the Kindle, so, yes. It’s at least two Shirley Jackson books. I’m excited!