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Zmodo Pivot Cloud Rotating Smart Camera with Four Door/Window Sensors

  • This model puts the mo’ in Zmodo.
  • Featuring a 4p 350° camera and 1080 sensors.
  • Wait, no. Sorry. A 1080p 350° camera and 4 sensors.
  • It’ll buddy up with your Alexa or Google assistant and its speaker is much improved from earlier models.
  • Model: ZM0D0-ZM0PR0BL3M5
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Sure, it looks like any other Zmodo surveillance camera, but trust us: this thing is anything but basic. Its 1080P cam can rotate 350°. It’s got an improved speaker and 4 sensors. And it can connect with Alexa or the Google assistant.

In other words, it’s not just another Zmodo camera. It’s a great Zmodo camera.

So it’s no wonder that this is the top selling model in many of the most security-minded cities in North America. Such as:

  • Survail, Colorado,
  • Monitoronto, Ontario,
  • Iowatch City, Iowa,
  • Camerabridge, Massachusetts,
  • Securitijuana, Baja,
  • Recordlando, Florida,
  • Oronowhere-To-Hide, Maine,
  • View York City, New York,
  • Play-it-Bakron, Ohio,
  • and Our nation’s capital, Washington We See (You).

Okay, these are not our best puns. But these probably are the best Zmodo cameras we’ve sold.

That evens things out, right?

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